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    1. 服務熱線:15051326885


              鹽城萬國機械制造有限公司座落在美麗富饒的魚米之鄉-江蘇省建湖縣。水陸、航空、立體交通十分 便捷。
        本公司以先進的生產設備,嚴格的工藝管理,完善的質量保證體系,確保了質量 的不斷提升。產品銷往國內及俄羅斯、印度等地,深得廣大用戶好評。質量使用戶放心,價格使用戶開心,服務使用戶舒心是我們的不斷追求!本公司產品是好的選擇,可以使您夢想成真。
        Yancheng Wanguo Machine Buolding Co.,Ltd is located in Jianhu County, Jiangsu Province----- a beautiful place propitious for giving birth to great men. Jianhu enjoys an advantageous geological position and convenient transportation with Yanjiang Highway passing through the county.
        Since its establishment, the company has been sticking fast to the principles: quality first, customer’s interests foremost, survival and development on the basis of quality.
        Through sustained improvement, the company has obtained advanced production equipment, excellent technical know-how and perfect test means, which better guarantee the stability of our products.
        We warmly welcome friends in our industry from both home and abroad to visit and develop together.


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